Friday, March 20, 2009

The Professor - Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

Baron’s look-alike (JenCarlos Canela):

Aurelia’s look-alike (Nona Gaye) – Baron’s wife:

Megan’s look-alike (Paris Hilton) – Baron’s ex-fiancée:

* * *

Duke’s look-alike (Victor Rivers):

Sasha’s look-alike (Denise Milani) – Duke’s wife:

* * *

Earl’s look-alike (Johnathon Schaech):,_Johnathon/gallery/SGS-018383/,_Johnathon/gallery/SGG-040369/

Meadow’s look-alike (Gwyneth Paltrow) – Earl’s wife:

* * *

Marquess look-alike (Eddie Cibrian):

Fran’s look-alike (Isla Fisher) – Marquess’ ex-wife:

Paula’s look-alike (Rosario Dawson) – Marquess’ longtime love interest:

* * *

Count’s look-alike (Nicholas Gonzalez):

Jenny’s look-alike (Jennifer Lopez) – Count’s wife:

* * *

More Characters:

Cain’s look-alike (Mel Jackson):

Bambi’s look-alike (Kathleen/Katie Luong – scroll down the linked page to see more pictures of this Vietnamese actress):

Claude’s look-alike (Bill Bellamy):


  1. Marquess and Count look better than Baron & Duke...I wished that Baron looked more like Eddie Cibrian.

  2. Subrina: I personally think Baron is the cutest, but that's just me. That baby face of his had me GONE! lol. Maybe the dimples of Marquess and Count got to you. LOL!

  3. Marquess is the best to me... beautiful!!!!

  4. Community Girl/Joy: I'm still holding Baron at the top of the list. lol. To each his/her own. :P